Gibson Les Paul Restored


Les Paul Fire (9)

1979 Gibson Les Paul

This guitar was in a fire almost 30 years ago. The owner brought it in after years of being stored.
Most all the bindings were melted, and actually were bubbled from the heat. Also the top cooked loose and split at 3 places. Most of the hardware was chard beyond help, however the neck and fretboard were in decent shape considering what it had been through.

We double teamed this project with our good friend and guitar builder, Dave Cowan, who did a beautiful job on the top and spectacular job on building the bindings. He actually named this guitar……”Resurrection”.

Together we brought her back to life and she is back in the hands of the original owner, who was VERY happy to have his prized possession back, safe and sound……..!

Some say, that they actually heard this guitar speak after being “resurrected”

“I’m still here, ready for ROCK-N-ROLL”