DUE TO COVID, our lesson program is temporarily suspended until further notice. We hope to resume in the near future and will post AS SOON as we are able. Thanks for your patience.

Students enjoy the benefit of receiving lessons from one of our 4, independently contracted, down-to-earth instructors in a safe and friendly atmosphere.

Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar , Bass Guitar, Banjo, Mandolin

*Payment due on the first lesson each month*
4 – 1/2 hour lessons – $60.00

NOTE: There are no adjustments made for missed lessons. Teachers are not obligated to make up missed lessons.
Please provide 24 hours notification if unable to attend scheduled lesson. Payment made directly to instructor.

Contact us to schedule your lessons at:

CreterGuitarShop@verizon.net or (717) 865-3677.

We now have slots open
** Please call for available time slots !!!!!!