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   Playing the guitar for over 30 years, Tim has a wealth of knowledge to share with any level guitar student. Not your usual “theory” teacher, Tim brings his years of experience to the lesson room to help the student learn to develop their ear, sense of rhythm, hone in their technique and to (in the words of Stevie Ray Vaughan) “Play her with a feelin'”.For the beginner student, Tim focuses on the basics and keeping the student’s interest with learning songs that the student enjoys. For the intermediate or advanced student Tim helps them develop a signature guitar style and helps students learn improvisation technique and basic songwriting skills.

Tim’s been active in the local music scene since 1995 and is currently writing and performing with his hard rock band, End Of Silence (www.facebook.com/officialendofsilence). He’s also been known to sit in at local open mic nights to scratch his blues itch.

Some of Tim’s influences are: Slash, James Hetfield, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Billy Gibbons, Marty Friedman, Matt Creter, Steve Creter, Alex Skolnick. He enjoys all types of music but his background is in hard rock and blues.

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