“I specialize in taking below average, to average guitars, and making them play above average. Large selection of OEM parts as well as aftermarket custom parts and special orders available. I’ve been Serving guitarist for over 40 years. So if you are tired of fighting the action and play-ability of your guitar, bring it in for some TLC. It really makes a BIG difference. I personally guarantee it”.

– Matt Creter


Acoustic Guitar: $49.99 Plus the cost of strings.
Electric Guitar: $49.99 Plus the cost of strings.

Electric Guitar With Locking Trem 59.99 Plus the cost of strings
Bass Guitar: $49.99 Plus the cost of strings.
12-String Guitar: $59.99 Plus the cost of strings.

Setups are available for all types of electric guitars,
Bass guitars and acoustic guitars (6 & 12 string)

A setup includes: neck adjustment, fretboard cleaning and conditioning, fret polishing, restring, tune, intonation set, and thorough cleaning of the guitar, as well as a complete overall inspection.

I like to work closely with each player in order to give the set-up that best suits their style and feel.

Sometimes stock specs just don’t work…

Please feel free to call and set up an appointment. Call me… 717-865-3677